Woman Farmer of the Year Competition

The Woman Farmer of the Year Competition is hosted annually by the Woman Farmer Foundation. It has been successfully hosted since 2007 and is open to Women and female youth on Swazi Nation Land active in agribusiness. The foundation works collaboratively with the Ministry of Agriculture (extension department) in facilitating the availability of entry forms in all communities nationwide through the Rural Development Areas outlets of the four regions.

The judging for the competition is based on three criterions with specified percentage marks allocated as follows; Main enterprise (80%), Home management (15%), and participation in community development activities/ display of leadership qualities (5%).


Enterprise Parameters classified according to the Woman Farmer and Female Youth Farmer categories:

Enterprise Youth adults
Broilers Birds
Minimum 500 birds
Minimum 1000
Layers Hens
Minimum 50 birds
Minimum 100
Indigenous Chicken Hens
Minimum 100 hens
Minimum 200
Pig production Sows
Minimum 2 Sows
Minimum 8
Weaner Growing Piglets
Minimum 10 piglets
Minimum 20
Dairy Females
Minimum 2-3 females
Minimum 6
Goats Females
Minimum 20 females
Minimum 40
Cattle Cows
Minimum 2-4 cows
Minimum 8
Feedlot Cattle
Minimum 15 cattle
Minimum 30
Cotton (ha)
Minimum 0.5 (ha)
Minimum 1.0
Maize (ha)
Minimum 0.5 (ha)
Minimum 1.0
Vegetables (ha)
Minimum 0.2 (ha)
Minimum 0.5
With at most 2 crops
With at most 2
Legumes (ha)
Minimum 0.2 (ha)
Minimum 0.5
Sweet Potato (ha)
Minimum 0.2 (ha)
Minimum 1.0
Beekeeping Swazi
Minimum 5 Swazi or 2 Langstroth
Minimum 10 Swazi or 5 Langstroth
Fruit Trees (ha)
Minimum 0.2 ha
Minimum 0.5
Rabbits Females
Minimum 10 females and 1 male
Minimum 20 females and 2 males

Some Rules and Regulations for the Competition

A farmer has to be on Swazi Nation Land(SNL)

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