This page highlights a seven day field trip by the top10 winners of the 2016 Women Farmer Competition.  The trip was made possible through sponsorship of the Micro Finance Unit (MFU) working hand in hand with Women Farmer Foundation.


  1. To expose women farmers to large scale crop production systems and different farming practises and management methods.
  2. To provide women farmers with scientific knowledge on crop production management, harvesting and post harvest management of crops.

Training Program

  • Four modules were covered coupled with on site practical demonstrations, and four written tests.
  • Modules covered include:
    1. Fertilise soil and attend to basic plant nutrition.
    2. Plant crops under supervision.
    3. Recognise pests, diseases and weeds on crops.
    4. Harvesting agricultural crops.
  • The trip was beneficial to the trainees as they were able to make a connection between real life experience and the theory learnt.


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