Sindisiwe Zinhle Mavuso, 2019 Youth Winner (Ncakini, Manzini)

  • Mavuso entered the competition under vegetable production and has since expanded into layers, piggery, ducks, peacocks, and chickens.
  • Through this platform, she has accessed new markets including 4 more major chain stores and receives greater requests to supply different people and institutions.
  • Her business has been booming ever since as joining the competition and the recognition it gave her inspires her to do more to grow as an agripreneur.
  • Being an agripreneur allowed Mavuso to greatly contribute towards building a home in 3 months during the peak of COVID, 2020, taking her children to better schools, buying her family a new vehicle, and improving their standard of living overall. She no longer feels like she is lacking.
  • She has also been able to use better farming methods by purchasing better farming tools such as an electrical engine, pipes and a drip irrigation system.
  • The climate crisis is a major challenge as it delays her farming cycles and sometimes destroys her crops. However, due to the knowledge she gained by being a part of the competition, she is able to recover much quicker and continue with her business.
  • Mavuso wishes more people would love the soil and grow their own produce to improve their lives. She believes there is no need for people to struggle as much as many do when the soil is there to provide life.
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