Rose Lomgcino Maseko, 2020 Youth Winner, (Ngwazini, Manzini Region)

  • Lomgcino really learned a lot about strategizing to improve her business and has not looked back since.
  • Maseko learned to work smarter, not harder- working a smaller piece of land to earn greater income. In this way, she can lower her input costs.
  • Seeing the large number of people producing beans in Eswatini, Maseko looked outside the country to connect with a research station to begin supplying bean seeds.
  • She is now able to subcontract other farmers to supply certified bean seeds and has created for herself a niche market. The competition has given her greater visibility across Eswatini, allowing her to network and grow her business to new levels.
  • She is passionate about assisting other women grow, and continues to mentor other women, helping them apply for the competition and to grow in their agricultural ventures.
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