Nomsa Mngomethulu, 2022 Adult Winner (Shewula, Lubombo)

  • Nomsa is a vegatble farmer. This is her strongest suit though she looks to expand her business.
  • The inputs she won during the competition have been a great help in realizing her dream to expand as she has already begun farming on a larger scale, and continues to reap produce grown from the seedlings she won.
  • She feels the competition gave her a greater sense of dignity as a woman agripreneur in the kingdom. People are more eager to assist her which in turn allows her to give back to her community.
  • The growth of her business has equated to increased efforts to care for the orphans she looks after. It brings Nomsa great joy to be able to give more to the national care points in her area and assist more orphans with their needs such as paying for their education where she can. She is also able to employ more people.
  • Her favourite prizes are the truck and fertilizers. With the truck, she has improved her irrigation and hopes to purchase more pipes to further improve this.
  • The truck is even more useful now that she farms on a greater piece of land. Without it, she would not have been able to support her growth.
  • As petrol is expensive when watering her crops, she finds using the truck to be more economical.
  • Climate change continues to be a challenge, with the heat burning some of her crops, though the impact was cushioned by economies of scale.
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