Elizabeth Zinthombi Sikhondze-Dlamini, 2021 Adult Winner (Nceka, Lubombo)

2021 Adult Winner_ Elizabeth Zinthombi Sikhondze-Dlamini
  • Elizabeth Dlamini entered the competition under the vegetable production category and has since expanded her enterprise through the prizes she won. Now she is able to supply more markets and has increased her production.
  • The water tanks she won assisted her to improve her irrigation system.
  • The workshops she attended allowed her to improve her spray program and better deal with climate change.
  • The competition has given her greater recognition in her community as an agripreneurs and she looks forward to encouraging more women.
  • Dlamini encourages more women and youth to join. She states that they should not let fear get in their way. She also hopes to see more emaSwati enter farming.
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