About WFF

Our Vision

Our vision is to identify, recognize, and develop a corps of model women and youth farmers across Eswatini who will inspire and capacitate/ mentor their communities in an effort to mitigate the effects of rural poverty.

Our Mission

To empower and develop women and youth in the agricultural sector, in the process uplift their low social and economic status.

Our Focus

The main focus of the foundation is empowerment of the girl child and woman living in the rural areas of Eswatini. However, our focus on youth is not necessarily particular to females but is rather inclusive of both male and female youth. We intend to empower, educate, and develop our foundation members and competition beneficiaries through agriculture and agribusiness training


To carry out the organisation’s mission with the following objectives:

Founder and History

Mrs. Sonia Paiva is the founder and Managing Director of Woman Farmer Foundation. Paiva, a multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur, founded the Woman Farmer of the Year Competition in 2007 before registering the foundation in 2010. Having achieved much success as a self-made businesswoman, Paiva felt it key to look back and uplift other women. She made sure that the women who take part in the competition grow in the business and are aware of their rights and capabilities. She makes sure that these women get all the necessary assistance they need in order to thrive in the business world. Up to now, over 3500 women and youth in Eswatini have been empowered through this project.

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