2016 winner Mhlophe Mhlanga ( Lobamba Lomdzala, Manzini)

  • As the current winner, she is also the key advocate for the Woman Farmer Foundation for the year 2016/17
  • She works collaboratively in the office of the foundation and the ministry of Agriculture (extension service) in effort to motivate more women to engage in Agribusiness.
  • She produces various commodities in her enterprise which include vegetables, and beekeeping but is mostly focused on maize production. Apart from farm produce, she also sells traditional attire.
  • She is well recognised in her area for providing strong support to chronically ill children and OVCs whom she feeds with her farm produce at her soup kitchen and sells surplus produce for income to sustain her soup kitchens.
  • Her farm production strategy is very diverse and allows for production for the market especially within the Manzini region.
  • She has standing agreements to supply various retail outlets with her farm produce. Where she is unable to satisfy demand she gives opportunities to other farmers to access markets through her agreements (an out grower program).
  • She is also engaged by some civil society organisations to motivate aspiring farmers and youth to be self sustaining, in her community and surrounding areas. An example is Kwakha Indvodza organization on male youth capacitation. The organization leases premises from her and she is also engaged in some of the capacitation programmes for the male youth in her community.
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