2015 winner Fikile Sukati (Mpembekati, Manzini North)

  • Entered the competition in 2015 for her vegetable produce and she received inputs such as irrigation pipes after winning the competition.
  • She considers the inputs to be very essential and beneficial to her farm though she has faced a challenge whereby the irrigation pipes were destroyed by uncontrolled veld fires.
  • She works with local farmers of her community to link each other to market opportunities with retail outlets such as shoprite which she is contracted to. She is also a mentor to most local farmers in her community.
  • She is chairperson of the water development project in her community and also a committee member for the youth care committee where she engages the youth with regard to participating into business.
  • The above mentioned post provides her responsibility to train the youth on issues with regard to record keeping and drafting a business plan.
  • Twenty (20) OVCs benefit greatly from her farm produce especially with regard to food parcel donations, and also works to assist the valnurable children with the same material needs.
  • Woman Farmer Foundation has improved her recognition and status in her community. She attributes the recognition she now receives in her community to having being a winner of the woman farmer of the year competition.
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