2014 winner Miriam Mamba (kaPhunga)​

  • She entered the competition in 2014 for her vegetable production. She has now expanded to produce baby vegetables and also ventured into piggery farming.
  • WFF has aided her to grow her business with the farming inputs she received as prizes and also owns a cold room to store her produce.
  • Other products she produces include liquid soap and floor polish. She is also involved in value addition of peanuts by producing peanut butter.
  • The value addition initiative provides market support to neighbouring farmers in her community by purchasing their peanut produce to process the peanut butter.
  • She founded a vegetable co operative with her community members in 2014 to assist farmers in their enterprise and also help OVCs with financial aid through the co operative (school uniforms and clothing).
  • Farming inputs received from the competition has improved the availability of water for irrigation.
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