2009 winner Winile Zulu (KaShiba Sandleni constituency)

  • Entered the competition in 2009 for her vegetable farming enterprise. Since winning the competition she has managed to grow her business by constructing 2 grocery stores and a restaurant in her Chiefdom. She has also added piggery production to her farming enterprises, besides being a seasonal maize farmer.
  • Winile has been able to provide employment for 10 individuals in her community, with 4 of the individuals hired as permanent staff. She also works with government extension officers in the Regional Development Area centres (RDA�s) to motivate and mentor aspiring women and youth farmers in her community and surrounding areas.
  • She is also a member of her Chiefdom inner council; an influential body that advises the Chief on communal issues and issues pertaining to community development.
  • Works collaboratively with other women farmers in her region (Shiselweni) to create a pool for donations to aid OVCS in their communities with food and clothing, tuition payments and school uniform acquisition.
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