2008 winner Thabsile Gooday (Hhohho)

  • She was awarded women farmer of the year under poultry production sector yet she now has diversified her enterprise to vegetable and legume production.
  • Due to demand for organic products, she has decided to use chicken waste as manure from her poultry sector to enrich her soil and enhance vegetable production. 
  • The prizes she won from the competition helped her develop an effective and efficient sanitation and animal husbandry practises for her enterprise.
  • The competition also boosted her recognition and appeal to the nation and her community where she mentors other woman farmers and youth towards initiation of Agribusiness.
  • She is a founder of a commodity group in her area where they expose neighbouring farmers to markets and discuss issues of improving production as well as pest control.
  • She is also part of a community charity program where they provide clothing, food and social support to vulnerable and orphaned children.
  • Apart from community work, she is part of a Seed development and production foundation which is sponsored by CANGO which focus on improvement of seeds as well as providing permits to import more improved seeds.
  • Thabsile strongly advice and support the youth to partake in Agriculture and believes they will come up with much more innovative ideas.
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