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Programmes run by the Woman Farmer Foundation endeavour to ensure capacitation and promotion of entrepreneurship amongst women and youth active in agriculture. Our programmes are inclined with Food security and Agriculture mitigation, Home management (Water Sanitation and Hygiene), Nutrition, and Gender mainstreaming.


The Woman Farmer Foundation sponsored by Standard Bank Eswatini & the United Nations has introduced an innovative tunnel production programme aimed at empowering Eswatini youth with practical skills in growing and producing high-value crops while combating issues of climate change. Eligible participants to this program will gain practical skills facilitating their path towards being viable Agri-Business owners through establishing their own tunnels with the possible acquisition of funds from Standard Bank Eswatini. This program aims at creating job & agri-business opportunities for Eswatini youth who form 60% of the country’s population and facing the highest unemployment rate.

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The Woman Farmer Foundation recently announced the introduction of an innovative youth oriented agricultural program that seeks to train and mentor young people of Eswatini into agri-preneurs. The program is open to both young girls and boys aged between 18 – 35 years. It is funded by Standard Bank Eswatini and the United Nations Eswatini.

The Woman Farmer Foundation has since received numerous calls from interested individuals wishing to benefit from this program. However, they have also been receiving numerous questions regarding the program, they have therefore seen it best to publicly respond to these frequently asked questions for the benefit of the entire nation....

1. Question : Is this program open to girls only as it is done by the Woman Farmer Foundation?
WFF : The Foundation is inviting both young girls and boys to register for it. As a Foundation, we work with a 70-30% ratio which means for all our projects and programs, we make certain that 70% girls and 30% boys benefit from it.

2. Question : What does one get to learn from this program?
WFF : Through this program, one gets a chance of being exposed to the use of technology for crop production. You will also get a chance to better understand the essence of value-addition in business especially in agriculture as you will be provided with practical examples of how you can grow your agricultural skills into a formal business from which you can make sustainable profits from. With this program, you will further be exposed to the various stages of becoming a successful agi-preneur through theorical topics to be discussed under agri-business.

3. Question : One of your requirements is access to land. What if I’m interested in joining but do not have land?
WFF : We understand that young people cannot possibly own land, however we aware that the very same young people are currently involved in crop production using their family land/space. This same land can be recognised as having access to land because the objective of the program is to have the young people replicating the same agricultural approach in their own spaces after successfully going through this particular program with financial assistance from one of our partners; Standard Bank Eswatini.

4. Question: Do I qualify to register without much experience in agriculture?
WFF : Unfortunately, you cannot. One has to have atleast a year’s experience in agriculture with record-keeping because the program will not start at basic stages of agriculture. It requires participants to have an understanding of agriculture. The program aims at enhancing youth that are already in agriculture by facilitating their skills into much better and professionals in the field.

Food Security and Agriculture

Food security is a global challenge that has been borne by ever increasing food prices, climate change (erratic weather patterns), and increased dependency with a number of households (child headed households for instance). To mitigate such effects the Woman Farmer Foundation undertakes intervention programmes that will ensure encouragement of women and youth participation in agribusiness, with priority given to the most vulnerable communities.

Home Management (Water Sanitation and Hygiene)

Issues of proper hygiene and sanitation remain a concern with a number of communities in Swaziland. This is also inclusive of the lack of portable water for cooking and cleaning of harvested products to ensure sanitary food. Members of the foundation and competition beneficiaries are sensitized and capacitated (where needs are identified) on issues relating to household and food hygiene in an effort to ensure a holistic application of knowledge in the field and holistic living at home.


Agriculture and nutrition share a common entry point in food, as food is a key outcome of most agricultural activities and also a key nutrient component. We work with the Ministry of Agriculture (home economics and extension departments) and other relevant stakeholders to undertake programmes/ activities that will raise awareness on the importance of nutrition and healthy living with our beneficiaries.

Gender Mainstreaming

The Woman Farmer Foundation, in its bid to advance the interests of Swazi women and youth in agribusiness, also undertakes programmes that seek to promote gender equality through enforcing the inclusion of both males and females in economically uplifting activities.

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